Signs Of Pregnancy Diabetes

Gestational diabetes

Pregnancy diabetes is also called as gestational diabetes which mainly occurs in the pregnant women. This type of diabetes is caused because of disorder in the placenta of pregnant women. Signs of diabetes should be observed. The time when pancreas of the women fails to develop additional insulin the blood sugar levels start becoming unusually high and this condition is called as gestational diabetes or pregnancy diabetes. Therefore it is important for future mothers to have complete understanding about link between gestational diabetes and women. The diagnosis for gestational diabetes is basically done after 24 or 28 weeks of pregnancy. There is a special oral glucose tolerance test in the diagnosis wherein the woman is instructed not to consume anything for the next 8 hours. Their blood sugar levels are then measured by the physicians. The diagnosis would help you find out whether you are a suspect of gestational diabetes or whether you are completely normal with your pregnancy.

Some common causes for gestational diabetes

This type of pregnancy diabetes is more likely to occur in obese women who are above 25 years of age. Moreover it can also cause when they have family record for diabetes or have had prior experience of this disease during previous pregnancy. The women who delivered healthy and unusually large baby or when the baby is born with some birth defects from the past pregnancy could also give rise to gestational diabetes. Moreover when the woman has excessive amount of amniotic fluids, it could make her more prone to pregnancy diabetes. In case of pregnancy diabetes the doctors might also observe high insulin amount in the body of the newborn baby and after a few days the baby could also be exposed to hypoglycemia conditions.

Common signs of pregnancy diabetes

The pregnant women generally don’t have any obvious diabetic signs and symptoms but it can sometimes occur which include excessive thirst, unusual fatigue and frequent urination. Therefore if you experience these symptoms then it is important you instantly consult a doctor or get yourself diagnosed of diabetes during pregnancy. However in most of the cases pregnancy diabetes does not have any external signs and symptoms being detected during screening. They are only found rarely which are also the most common symptoms of diabetes, that appear like the above mentioned ones. apart from this you can also start feeling hungry more than normal, you find the need to urinate more frequently and you even feel more thirsty than average.

The gestational diabetes signs and symptoms also appear during pregnancy. Sometimes this disease is also asymptomatic. Therefore the health care physician would monitor you or any possible hyperglycemia at your pregnancy stages. There is a glucose tolerance test conducted as part of the prenatal care routine. The symptoms of gestational diabetes include need to urinate more often, increased thirst and also weight gain. In case gestational diabetes is not treated properly then multiple pregnancy related problems could also appear.

Therefore if you start experiencing these common symptoms of gestational diabetes or pregnancy diabetes then it is time you visit the physician who can conduct a blood test in order to confirm diagnosis of pregnancy diabetes. This blood test is normally conducted during the middle stages of pregnancy. The doctors would often recommend that those pregnant women must be screened for pregnancy or gestational diabetes between the 24th and 28th week of their pregnancy stage as it is the time when the disease is most likely to show up signs its effects. However in some of the case type one and type two diabetes is also revealed during pregnancy that makes it even harder to positively differentiate it from gestational diabetes. The women who face this type of pregnancy diabetes should continue with their treatment for diabetes through their pregnancy and also keep a track of their pregnancy and its medications so that you are on a safer side to not affect your baby and your diabetic conditions.

The women who suffer from gestational diabetes usually don’t have glucose levels which can be high enough to pose a risk to their own health, but in most of the cases this type of pregnancy diabetes might also cause not signs or symptoms at all to the mother which means there is limited to no threat to their pregnant health. You should remember that in most cases there are no signs of diabetes observed in gestational diabetes. However there can also be some symptoms and signs of high blood sugar which can include increased hunger, thirst and frequent urination although they are common. On the other hand, low blood sugar symptoms can also be experienced during pregnancy such as headaches, sweating, dizziness, seizures, confusion, personality change, blurred vision, vomiting and nausea. In case these symptoms are not treated instantly then abnormal levels of acids and ketoacidosis in the body could start occurring.

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